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About Lifestrology

We care about the “Whole” you!
The Birth of Lifestrology

As a youth Kai was interested in how the stars and planets played a part in day-to-day life. It was this curiosity that started her using horoscopes to assist with everyday living.

As time grew Kai realized that horoscopes were just the basics and did not have all of the answers that she was seeking. As her interested grew, Kai began to learn astrology in depth to understand and become more aware of herself, others and the world around her. Astrology soon lead to numerology and then ennealogy leading her to a more enlightened state where spiritual modalities soon became apart of her everyday life. As she became more self aware and grew, she realized the significance of how all would tie into a person’s Life purpose, past karmic debts and legacy. Thus, Lifestrology Today was born.

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