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What Clients Say

"I am so thankful for the loving presence of Kai Mann! Kai is a powerful teacher and astrologer. A few months ago, I scheduled an astrology session with Kai. Wow! The information Kai shared to me felt so right and expanded my own sense of aliveness.

Kai’s loving-kindness in the session, brought tears to my eyes. These tears were simply releasing things that no longer served me. I let it go, lovingly so! When we share deeply, we find the love of self, through another’s words, actions and deeds. All One!

Thankfully, the session ushered in so many keen insights. My own intuitive nature was simply guided to tap into Kai’s energy, to confirm that which I am seeking.

Joyfully, the messages expanded my own sense of accepting a familiar path that was revealed. Known to me in 2016, this recurring message suggested new coordinates on my journey. How uncanny it is, that my overall vibration now is matching the probability of this potentiality in 2016 & 2021. Eventually, all comes known when the frequencies are perfectly aligned. Synchronicity in action!

All that, seeped in sacredness, as I looked over my notes from our session.

I highly recommend this Master Teacher Kai Mann to you!"

Blessings, Susie Juravich

Scottsdale, Arizona