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Capricorn High & Low Vibration States

Enlightened or high vibrational Capricorns are the businessman and the dignitaries of the zodiac. They are ambitious, have integrity, are dependable, disciplined, responsible, tenacious and have attention to detail. The enlightened Capricorn taps into their wisdom and their heart. They have the power to align their heartfelt desires with their vocations. They put one foot in front of the other like the Mountain Goats they are but never before they establish solid roots on their journey. They are governed by the root chakra. They are comfortable with solitude and are well mannered. Capricorns represent society. They are the 10th sign of the zodiac represented by the mountain goat and are able to reach the highest levels.

Capricorns in their low vibration or neurotic state are the social climbers and the authoritarians. They are very materialistic, controlling, stubborn, opportunist and disconnected from integrity. They repress emotions and the messier part of themselves. Sometimes they can be so fixed on goals that they lose sight of the big picture. They can obsess over wealth, wear their success as a badge of power, fame and social prestige. They must learn to relax and balance home life with social life which will allow them to be more fluid and express emotions. The journey of the Capricorn is all about balancing ambition and leadership so that they can be a positive influence on their families and society.

Music: Focus Planet

Music By: Denis


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