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Tuesday's TEA: Aries Tea

Thank you for stopping by! Every Tuesday we talk TEA. Today's Tea is a tea for the sign of Aries since it's Aries Season. In our Aries tea on the website we add a little Sassafras but we're still awaiting our Sassafras to arrive so today we're making it without the Sassafras. Enjoy!

Herbs Used:

Red Clover

benefits: prevents breast tumors, stimulates the immune system, good for infertility, reduces symptoms of menopause, lowers blood pressure.

Burdock Root

benefits: Purifies the blood, cleanses the skin, antibiotic, anticancer, anti-diabetic, anti-inflammatory, helps with memory loss in Alzheimer's patients as well has reduces the formation of harmful plaque. It also kills bacteria that causes tooth decay.

Stinging Nettle

benefits: Diuretic, enriches the blood, supports the prostate. Energizing leaf that protects brain cells and even reverses cell damage and improve brain function and memory.

St. John's Wort

benefits: Relieves depression, eases sore muscles, antiviral, relieves nerve pain, reduces inflammation, anti-depressant, and relieves nervous unrest.

Milk Thistle

benefits: Improve liver function, aids in digestion, stimulates milk flow in lactating mothers, detoxes the liver, reduces liver damage from alcohol, drugs, hepatitis, heavy metals, and pesticides. When the brain sends stress stimuli to the adrenal glands cortisol is produced. Cortisol causes the liver to release glucose. It does this to provide energy for the body's increased need during stress or in cases of hypoglycemia.

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