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Welcome to Wellness Wednesdays

Thank you for stopping by! Welcome to Wellness Wednesdays! This Wednesday we are talking about the Brain/Mind and our thinking with regards to healing.

On the video I don’t go too deep into the healing process but decided to write about it instead. When most people think of the Mind they think of the Brain and vice versa. But when we speak of healing each of them becomes separate as the mind represents consciousness and the brain represents the organ that holds information.

When we talk healing, we know that healing begins in the mind. Not the brain because the brain is a receptor or receiver. It’s like a computer it holds data but it does not create data or initiate it. You can put information in the brain, but you’ll only get what you put in, out of it. The data doesn’t come from the brain. All of the organs within the body sends vibrational frequencies to the brain, the brain receives it and that’s how you know something is wrong or inconsistent. The individual mind is different in that it sends and receives information to and from the Universe through its own level of consciousness and whatever that level of information is, the body manifests.

When we’re speaking of healing we’re usually speaking from a physical aspect although spiritual healing is part of that as well. Even though you can’t see a spirit the manifestation of what’s going on in the spirit manifests itself in the body. In this Three-Dimensional world our spirit, mind and body (the brain is part of the body) makes up the components of a human being. In order to begin healing there has to be a conscious level of innerstanding that you can heal. That you can heal yourself.

Many people understand to a certain degree that the mind plays a part of your healing because most people will say “Stay strong”. Staying strong comes from a place within the mind where you innerstand the power that you have from a level of consciousness. The mind aligns with the body and thus you stand strong.

Healing has two components: internal and external. Internal where you innerstand that you have the power to heal yourself and external where you look to something outside of you to heal you. The internal level comes from a place of self-mastery. Anything outside or external are tools in which to assist you until you get to that level of self-mastery when it comes to self-healing.

Healing of the physical body comes from a number of places, mainly what you put into it. That being the conscious thoughts or thinking, fruits, vegetables, meditation, prayer, exercise, yoga, herbs, and such. But, you first have to know what’s going on in the body to heal it. That comes from listening and talking to the body (yourself). That comes from you knowing your body. The only way to know your body is to pay attention to it.

Many people do not know that they can heal themselves. For some its difficult to know of your own power when you have been taught that you are a wretched human being who doesn’t deserve anything with no real power to do anything. And that you have to wait to be healed by something outside of yourself. That’s not true, you have dominion over the entire earth what makes you not believe that doesn’t include yourself?

Getting to healing means that you’re going to take the lead from your own spirit, and your own level of consciousness. You will need to connect with that and begin to go higher in order to manifest that healing into a physical space. You can do it. Especially when you know who you are and what you can do. Getting your birth/natal chart done is the start to becoming of ‘you’ and innerstanding the power that you have over your own life.

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